Bulu Box or Boo Hoo Box?

I recently redeemed an offer on Facebook to try Bulu Box for free.  Bulu Box is a monthly subscription box that is marketed as “the best way to discover vitamin, supplement and health products.”  The offer required signing up for a subscription, but the subscription could be cancelled at any time.  I signed up to try the box, it was free after all!

I got the May 2013 Bulu Box this past week.  I am not impressed.  Here is what came in the box and how much each of those items are worth:

May Bulu Box 002

A sample of 2 NeoCell Beauty Bursts in Super Fruit Punch.  A 60 count bag of these NeoCell Beauty Bursts is available on drugstore.com for $11.39.  The sample in the Bulu Box is worth approximately $0.38.

May Bulu Box 009A Promax Fit n’ Crisp protein snack bar in Vanilla Marshmallow.  These protein bars are available on the Promax website for $1.69 each.

May Bulu Box 011A packet of FitMixer Amino drink supplement in Fruit Punch.  A canister of 35 servings of this amino acid supplement is available on the FitMixer website for $26.99.  This makes the single serving sample in the Bulu Box worth approximately $0.77.

May Bulu Box 012A 0.5 oz. packet of Artisana Raw Organic Superfood Nut Butter in Blue Algae.  These single serve packets are available on the CoVitality website for $1.58.

May Bulu Box 007A sample of 4 Plantivia AllerDX seasonal allergy relief capsules.  A 60 count bottle of Plantivia AllerDX costs $21.95 on the Plantivia website.  This makes the 4 capsule sample in the Bulu Box worth approximately $1.46.

May Bulu Box 004

The verdict:  The total value of the items in my May 2013 Bulu Box was approximately $5.88.  Not a bad value if you get it for free, but if you are a paying customer this is a rip-off.  The normal price of the Bulu Box is $10 per month.  I would expect that the contents of the box would at least equal the cost, if not exceed it.  Bulu Box is not worth the money!  I cancelled my subscription after receiving the free box.  No money lost on this subscription service!

2 thoughts on “Bulu Box or Boo Hoo Box?

  1. Wow good for you for exposing this. I find that so frustrating when you sign up for something and it turns out to be a rip off. Not worth a sub for sure but I wonder if they send fills size products to the paying customers?

    • I thought about that too…it would make sense that they wouldn’t want to give away a ton of stuff to people who are doing a free trial of the subscription. But then again, by making the box really cool they may have kept me as a subscriber! Has anyone had a different experience being a paying monthly customer?

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